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Our dealer management software integrated with our FREE online auto classified website, all in one price. You not only get the desktop software, but also you get free-hosted pages with your entire active inventory

We also offer full freeware version excluded printing option (no expiration, no forms to print ) Download Freeware Car Dealer Software the free version is good for dealers who don't need to print forms, can be used for wholesales, retails, shipping or just bookkeeping.
Or if you like to try paid version please click here.

Affordable Car Dealer Software

Download Wheels4Deals 30 days risk free Wheels4Deals is a leading dealer management system software which caters to independent car dealers for their inventory management, payment processing, reporting and forms printing. The main reason to buy software for your company is to organize and improve your business that show professionalism. Investing in business application not an easy task. Sometimes can be disaster and stressful. You need dependable, secure & right application with no monthly, maintenance or technical support fees, no hidden charges, soon monthly fees will add up and eats your profit...

Freeware Used Car Dealer Software, Buy-Here Pay Here Dealership Software and Lot Financing

Engineered, designed and developed smart, powerful and easy to use

Our software works in all latest MS Windows

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